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Cancellation and Payment Terms


Deposit Procedures

Dear customer, unfortunately, we cannot proceed with boat rentals without a deposit. Because we need to make a payment to the boat owner in case of cancellations, we must take a modest deposit (20% of the boat rental fee).

Once your deposit transaction is completed, you are given a ticket indicating the receipt of the deposit and an email confirming that we have received your deposit is sent.

Cancellation Conditions

  • If you cancel your boat rental at least three days before the rental day, the entire deposit you paid will be refunded.
  • If you cancel 1-2 days prior to the rental day, we will try to fill the rental time slot you vacated. If we can fill it, we will refund your deposit. However, if we cannot find another customer for the boat you cancelled, we transfer the deposit we received from you to the boat owner. Rest assured, we do everything in our power to refund your deposit.

Changing Rental Date

Understandable situations may occur. You might have justifications like illness or emergencies. Therefore, you can change the rental date at least two days before the rental day. Even the day before the rental, the possibility of postponement is very high. We will not let our customers be aggrieved in such situations.

Payment Methods

  • We do not accept credit card payments in boat rental activities.
  • You can make the deposit either by visiting our office or to the staff we send to your hotel.
  • You pay the remaining boat rental fee in cash when you arrive at the boat.
  • Round-trip transfer services are sold separately. But you do not make any payment in the transfer car. You make all the payment on the boat.