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Private Boat Tanyeli

Starting price
395 €
14.5 meter
5.4 meter
4 hours
Food and Beverages
Birthday Cake

The Features of Tanyeli Yacht

  • Yacht Name Tanyeli
  • Yacht Type Motor yacht
  • Brand No brand
  • Capacity 32 person
  • Crew 3 person
  • Cabin 1
  • Shower/WC 1
  • Length 14.5 meter
  • Width 5 meter
  • Speed 10 Knots
  • Manufacturing 1994
  • Refit Date 2019
  • Location Kaleici Marina

The Equipment of Tanyeli Yacht

  • Wifi
  • Binoculars
  • deck speakers
  • GPS
  • Fridge
  • Towel
  • swimming ladder
  • Barbecue
  • Modern dinnerware sets
  • Connect phone to music system
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Sundeck
  • Amateur fishing gear
  • Seabob Underwater Scooter
  • water ski

Yacht Rental Details Tanyeli

Book your spot on the Tanyeli boat for an economical tour of Alanya, and enjoy delicious meals and free water skiing!

Time Options

Standard Rental Periods
09:00 - 13:00
10:00 - 14:00
16:00 - 20:00
18:00 - 22:00
The prices on the website are valid for the above time periods.

Change the Rental Duration
  • Shortest rental
    4 hours
  • Longest rental
    10 hours
Contact us for the costs of different rental durations.

Included in the Price

  • Food and beverage:
  • Bring alcohol:
    You can bring your own alcoholic beverages.
  • Fuel:
  • Waiter and crew:
  • Water Ski:
    On tours lasting 4 hours and more, water skiing is provided for free.
  • Fixed menu content:
    • Grilled Chicken
    • Grilled meatballs
    • Rice
    • French Fries
    • Mediterranean salad
    • Seasonal fruits
    • Unlimited soft drinks
    • Tea, coffee and herbal teas

Extras Requiring Additional Payment

  • Birthday cake:
    You can define the content of your cake and what to write on birthday cake.
  • Decoration:
    Yacht decoration for birthday, anniversary etc.
  • Transfer:
    Round-trip transfer price varies according to the number of people and distance.
  • Selling alcohol in yacht:
  • Changing the fixed menu:
    If you want to change the food menu, please write to us the menu content you want.
  • Changing the yacht tour route:
    We would like to remind you that longer routes require longer rental duration.
  • Water sport activities:
    jetski - ringo - banana- water ski - underwater scooter
  • Photographer:
    Drone videos, celebration and event photographer.

Tanyeli Yacht Rental Prices

  • for 1 person
    395 €
  • for 2 person
    395 €
  • for 3 person
    395 €
  • for 4 person
    395 €
  • for 5 person
    395 €
  • for 6 person
    440 €
  • for 7 person
    450 €
  • for 8 person
    470 €
  • for 9 person
    510 €
  • for 10 person
    535 €
  • for 11 person
    565 €
  • for 12 person
    600 €
  • for 13 person
    630 €
  • for 14 person
    660 €
  • for 15 person
    685 €
  • for 16 person
    715 €
  • for 17 person
    745 €
  • for 18 person
    780 €
  • for 19 person
    810 €
  • for 20 person
    835 €
  • for 21 person
    865 €
  • for 22 person
    895 €
  • for 23 person
    920 €
  • for 24 person
    920 €
  • for 25 person
    940 €
  • for 26 person
    985 €
  • for 27 person
    985 €
  • for 28 person
    1030 €
  • for 29 person
    1080 €
  • for 30 person
    1080 €
  • for 31 person
    1130 €
  • for 32 person
    1180 €
  • Deposit Amount:20 %
  • Deposit Payment Methods:
    You can pay the deposit by coming to our office, through the staff we send to your address, or by bank transfer. After your payment, our staff will deliver a ticket confirming we have received the deposit. You can also confirm the payment through a notification you will receive both on the reservation tracking page of our website and via email and WhatsApp, so you can be sure that your transaction is safe and successful.
  • Payment Method for the Remaining Amount:The remaining amount is paid in cash on the yacht.

Tips and Insights on the Tanyeli Yacht

Welcome aboard the "Tanyeli," a standout charter boat in the picturesque Alanya. Built with the capacity to comfortably accommodate 32 guests, Tanyeli provides the most economical boat rental option in Alanya, making it a particularly attractive choice for larger groups. Whether you're organizing a family outing, a corporate event, or a fun day out with friends, Tanyeli stands ready to provide a unique, budget-friendly, and utterly enjoyable experience.

What sets Tanyeli apart from other pirate boats in Alanya is not only its affordability but also its superior culinary offerings. The boat provides two diverse menu options, each brimming with taste and quality. The Standard Menu features an enticing spread of grilled meatballs and chicken, accompanied by two types of appetizers, a carrot tarator (a delightful local specialty), purple cabbage salad, three varieties of fresh salad, and a rich fruit platter. Complementing these gastronomic delights are unlimited soft and hot drinks.

For those with a palate for seafood, the Seafood Menu is a must. It enhances the Standard Menu with the addition of freshly caught fish, succulent shrimp, and crispy calamari. Though this option requires an additional payment, it's worth every penny for the extraordinary marine flavors it brings to your plate.

While the culinary delights of Tanyeli provide a major draw, the boat's leisure amenities offer equal allure. Water skiing, an exhilarating sport that combines the thrill of speed with the coolness of the sea, can be enjoyed at no additional cost. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious beginner, the chance to glide across the clear Alanya waters is not to be missed.

In addition, Tanyeli offers underwater scooters for an added fee. These scooters offer an exciting opportunity to explore the vibrant underwater world of Alanya's coast. Experience the thrill of navigating through the crystal-clear waters, coming face-to-face with colorful marine life, and exploring the hidden treasures beneath the surface.

In essence, Tanyeli offers more than just a boat ride - it promises a memorable experience brimming with fun, food, and adventure. It stands as an unmatched option that brings the beauty of Alanya within reach, even for those traveling on a budget. So, gather your group, book your trip, and prepare to enjoy the best of Alanya aboard the Tanyeli. With its delicious food, free water skiing, and the potential for an underwater scooter adventure, your day on the Tanyeli will be a high point of your visit to Alanya.


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