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Yacht Keremim

Starting price
460 €
14 meter
5.4 meter
4 hours
Food and Beverages
Birthday Cake

The Features of Keremim Yacht

  • Yacht Name Keremim
  • Yacht Type Motor yacht
  • Brand Yanmar 388
  • Capacity 10 person
  • Crew 2 person
  • Cabin 2
  • Shower/WC 2
  • Length 14 meter
  • Width 4.5 meter
  • Speed 22 Knots
  • Manufacturing 2010
  • Refit Date 2021
  • Location Kaleici Marina

The Equipment of Keremim Yacht

  • Wifi
  • Air conditioner
  • Television
  • Binoculars
  • deck speakers
  • GPS
  • Fridge
  • Towel
  • swimming ladder
  • Barbecue
  • Modern dinnerware sets
  • Connect phone to music system
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Sundeck
  • Amateur fishing gear
  • Snorkel and flippers

Yacht Rental Details Keremim

"Keremim" is a small yet luxurious yacht in Alanya, ideal for small groups and families, with a professional chef owner renowned for his delicious meals.

Time Options

Standard Rental Periods
09:00 - 13:00
11:00 - 15:00
16:00 - 20:30
19:00 - 23:00
The prices on the website are valid for the above time periods.

Change the Rental Duration
  • Shortest rental
    4 Hours
  • Longest rental
    1 Week
Contact us for the costs of different rental durations.

Included in the Price

  • Food and beverage:
  • Bring alcohol:
    You can bring your own alcoholic beverages.
  • Fuel:
  • Waiter and crew:
  • Fixed menu content:
    • Grilled fish
    • Grilled chicken
    • Grilled meatballs
    • Mediterranean salad
    • Side dishes
    • Pilaf
    • Pasta
    • Assorted fruits
    • Unlimited soft drinks
    • Tea, coffee, and herbal teas

Extras Requiring Additional Payment

  • Birthday cake:
    You can define the content of your cake and what to write on birthday cake.
  • Decoration:
    Yacht decoration for birthday, anniversary etc.
  • Transfer:
    Round-trip transfer price varies according to the number of people and distance.
  • Selling alcohol in yacht:
  • Changing the fixed menu:
    If you want to change the food menu, please write to us the menu content you want.
  • Changing the yacht tour route:
    We would like to remind you that longer routes require longer rental duration.
  • Water sport activities:
    jetski - ringo - banana- water ski - underwater scooter
  • Photographer:
    Drone videos, celebration and event photographer.

Keremim Yacht Rental Prices

  • for 1 person
    460 €
  • for 2 person
    460 €
  • for 3 person
    460 €
  • for 4 person
    510 €
  • for 5 person
    555 €
  • for 6 person
    600 €
  • for 7 person
    650 €
  • for 8 person
    685 €
  • for 9 person
    735 €
  • for 10 person
    790 €
  • Deposit Amount:25 %
  • Deposit Payment Methods:
    You can pay the deposit by coming to our office, through the staff we send to your address, or by bank transfer. After your payment, our staff will deliver a ticket confirming we have received the deposit. You can also confirm the payment through a notification you will receive both on the reservation tracking page of our website and via email and WhatsApp, so you can be sure that your transaction is safe and successful.
  • Payment Method for the Remaining Amount:The remaining amount is paid in cash on the yacht.

Tips and Insights on the Keremim Yacht

Keremim: A Hidden Luxury Emanating from Alanya

In the quest for a superior maritime experience, one needs to explore the enchanting allure of the "Keremim," a small yet luxurious yacht that plies the warm and welcoming waters of Alanya. Emanating from the impressive port of the city, this yacht glides into the deep blues of the Mediterranean, providing the ultimate maritime indulgence for discerning sea-lovers.

The Pinnacle of Japanese Craftsmanship: The Yanmar 388

"Keremim" is a model from Yanmar, a Japanese brand known for its quality and elegance in shipbuilding. Built in 2010, this yacht features a minimalist living space that encapsulates the essence of life on the sea. However, do not mistake this simplicity for a lack of luxury. Instead, this elegant vessel stands as one of the chicest yachts in Alanya, merging functionality with comfort and a warm ambiance.

Ideal for Small Groups and Families

The ten-person capacity of "Keremim" makes it an ideal choice for small groups and families. It's perfect for those wishing to spend quality time together, create beautiful memories, and explore the simple yet precious pleasures of life. This yacht possesses all the features necessary to cultivate your most cherished memories.

A Culinary Adventure on the Sea

One of the most standout features of this luxury yacht is the deliciousness of its cuisine. The owner of Keremim is also a culinary artist, having spent 30 years working as a professional chef in Finland before deciding to transpose this talent onto his next venture, life on the sea. From the moment you step aboard, the warm, hospitable atmosphere crafted by the chef's skillful culinary offerings will make you feel right at home.

From traditional Turkish dishes to Mediterranean cuisine, and even some unique flavors learned from the chef's years in Finland, a wide array of dishes are on offer. The experience of enjoying a gourmet meal in the middle of the sea, accompanied by the gentle whispers of the waves, is indeed a memorable one.

Passion and Attention to Detail

The owner and chef of the Keremim carries out his duties with immense passion and meticulousness. This is reflected in everything from the taste of the food, to the maintenance of the yacht, to the level of customer service. Every detail has been carefully thought out and planned to perfection to ensure your experience is exceptional.


In conclusion, Keremim is more than just a yacht charter experience; it's a lifestyle, a culinary journey, and an unrivaled sea adventure. Be prepared to lose yourself in the turquoise waters of Alanya, in the elegance and comfort of the Yanmar 388, and of course, in the taste of exquisite meals. Keremim opens the doors to a sea journey filled with luxury and comfort.


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